In this book, you will learn step by step…

How to learn English with music

Why using music and songs is the single best way to easily improve your English. I'll tell you where to find what you need and describe a method to learn with music.

In chapter 1
Learn English using technology

How can you use Google and the power of the Web to learn vocabulary? Where and how to fix your English using simple online tools?

In chapter 2
Read in English

I'll share a very simple tip you can use to easily read your first novel in English. You will also find other ways of learning English by reading books, both fiction and non-fiction.

And, because the book is written in clear, concise, English, it might also be the first one you finish in English. (If you can read this site, you'll manage to read the book.)

In chapter 6
Meet people

How to meet people and make friends, online and in the real world.

In chapters 3 and 9
How to learn English by yourself?

Find out how to learn English on your own!

Which material to use? When? How to make English easier to learn? How to practice every day, from home, while having fun? How to maintain your motivation? Where to find the help you need? 🤔

In How to Learn English, I share with you everything you need learn English easily from home, based on years of learning and teaching English.

– Fabien Snauwaert

Phonetics & Pronunciation

English is a language that looks easy but suffers from one big problem: it's not pronounced the way it's written.

Learn the differences between accent, phonetics and pronunciation. With a clear introduction to phonetics, learn how to improve your listening before you learn how to produce new sounds.

Learn the main differences between American English and British English, and how to "neutralize" your accent.

In chapter 5
With video games!

YES! Video games can (and probably should) be used to improve one's English.

I'll share with you ways to make video games work for you and how different types of games improve different aspects of your English. You'll also find specific title recommendations and other interactive ways to practice your English.

In chapter 4
Movies and TV shows

Discover how I learned to understand spoken English by watching movies and TV shows, and how you can do the same. (Hint: Friends!)

In chapter 7
…and much, much more!

You will find so much more in the rest of the book, with things like:

  • How to learn vocabulary, including slang.
  • Where to find and how to use audiobooks, for free, to improve your spoken English.
  • Tips to think in English, and why it's easier than you might think!
  • Recommended material and resources.
In the 174 pages of the book!
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With 713 copies of the book sold to date, I hope these clever, modern ways to practice your English every day will help you, too, improve your English as much as I did – because learning English can and will change your life.

Here is a comment left on the book, which sums it up pretty well:

Amazon Book Review: Very good book, a practical and modern way to improve your English. At first, I was a bit skeptical about this book, but a friend told me that it was very good, so I bought it. I read English a lot on Internet, but I am not very good to speak and to understand. This book is an excellent guide to create new habits, and to surround your life with English, making progress in a pleasant way. I have tested a lot of 'methods', but this book is the first to take advantage of the new way of learning: For example with internet, video games, music, etc and with a little bit of psychology and motivational speech).
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